5 Easy To Cook Healthy Indian Breakfast

To kick start a busy day, the first meal of the day should be healthy and filling. Though we might not realise this, skipping our breakfast, which we often do, leaves us tired, exhausted, and angry by lunch time. If we pay a little more attention to what we’re eating for breakfast, it works wonders in nurturing a healthy body in the long run. Indian foods top the charts when it comes to healthy and nutritious breakfast treats. Here are some really easy Indian breakfast dishes to cook, which you will love eating! Continue reading »

Gulab Jamun

6 Enjoyable Indian Desserts

Desserts are a part of regular Indian diet and provide a befitting end to every meal. As the current Indian culture is an amalgam of various cultures brought together, the Indian cuisine and the variety of desserts that are prepared here, is simply endless. It would be a massive task to list all the desserts in a single article, but here are some of the best that every visitor must try. Continue reading »

Dal Bati Churma

5 Traditional Rajasthani Dishes

A discussion on the Indian state of Rajasthan will most likely begin with its rich culture, heritage and history; the fierceness of the Rajputs and their warrior spirits; their exquisite architecture and havelis (palaces) that have of late being converted into heritage hotels and so on. But no conversation on Rajasthan can be complete without an elaboration on their rich cuisine! So let’s have a look at six traditional Rajasthani dishes that has been relished across generations! Continue reading »


6 Healthy Indian Alternatives To Fast Food

The question of an article discussing Indian food alternatives to fast food in general brings into limelight a horrifying fact –that of the 1.2 people in India, over 5% is obese, making India third in the list of countries with largest number of obese individuals. Yes, there is the acute need to find alternatives, preferably from its own cuisine and culinary habits. So, if you had previously imagines Indian food to be time-consuming, oily, spicy, fatty and unhealthy, here are some healthy Indian alternatives to fast food.
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6 Myths About Indian Food

The sheer density of Indian food is both intimidating and exciting, but not everything one hears about it is accurate or even viable. It’s true that there are some common binding elements in all Indian food. But considering that there are over 1.2 billion people living here, it’s unwise and somewhat misleading to even imagine that all of them eat and drink the same cuisine. So how about breaking six myths about Indian food that people harbor? Continue reading »


5 Must Have Mughalai Dishes

This is the 21st century. And for the modern traveler, explorer or food connoisseur, if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the busy streets of Delhi or the chaotic by-lanes of Lucknow or some other North Indian city, there’s one thing that you will find common everywhere – your nostrils drooling over the smell of rich, spicy Mughalai food! Whether it is biryani, navratan korma or badam halwa, Mughalai food is acceptable everywhere across the country and even the world. So let’s get to our list of 5 must have Mughalai dishes while we understand the history that has brought Mughalai cuisine to Indian dinner tables. Continue reading »

Indian Agriculture: The Dynastic Powerhouse

Photo credit goes to Walmart. Agriculture in India has a background that stems back by thousands of years, which is a shrug-worthy piece of common knowledge for the citizens of the country with one of the longest histories on the planet.  However for the rest of us that may feel a little ignorant, it’s certainly […]